what? april? come on!

As much as I'd love to say that these pictures were taken back in January, I would be lying. For the Colorado sky seems to love playing jokes giving you tennis playing, sunny weather one day, and 7-10 inches by the next day. 

I happened to be put on call one night so a few fellow travel nurses decided to go out on the town. That consisted of attending a Doctor's Without Borders informational session at the downtown REI. Then braving the walk over the interstate and through the snow to a warm pub. 

Apart from the monochromatic sky and landscape, this was the best of our scenery along our way. Being in downtown, I thought we'd get to at least see the skyline, but nope, no such luck. 
Nights like this though are what is fun about taking a job where there are several travelers. You get to enjoy your off time (which there's more for those 12hr shifters out there) and hear all about their good and bad experiences. As well as share your own crazy memories, and you will have some if you've traveled even once. In a couple weeks we'll all be going our separate ways as our contracts finish up. One of these ladies is headed to a tiny town in Washington state, the other has decided to extend her time in Denver and is strongly considering going the route of the Doctor's Without Borders, and I...will be... (see next post)