the next destination on my GPS

Can anyone guess what this view and Dunbarton Blue Cheddar (which happens to be my favorite cheese ever) have in common? It means I'm coming back home, well almost. It means Wisconsin but I'll be much closer to home, only 5 hours away (or short train ride) as I watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan in the lovely town of Kenosha, Wisconsin for eight weeks reveling in the day shift position at a pediatric clinic. And a clinic job means, every Sunday off for church fellowship! Oh I am so excited so be awake in the day and sleeping when everyone else is sleeping. 
I'll be about an hour and thirty minutes northeast of Belvidere, so I hope to be attending there in the mean time. The only catch with this job is I'll be starting two days after my last night here. So my lovely, self sacrificing mother is coming to help me with the 15 hour drive and to decide on housing. 
Housing for travel nurses in, around, or near Kenosha has been actually a very nice experience as I've searched. Two posts on Craigslist have yielded so many correspondences with many nice people. So once I get into town I'll be visiting the nicest ones and making my decision. 
This next Sunday will be my last Sunday in Denver before I leave for Wisconsin soon after. And I'm lucky to be able to see the church for the first Sunday after the big remodel. More details and photos to come about the remodel in the next post...