the lasts...

Cindy and I went out to Boulder for a fun last trip before I leave. And of course, being that we both love 魚 or fish we were very intrigued by the sushi happy hour. We also had fun wandering pearl street finding Cured, an awesome cheese/meat/wine shop where we both sampled their wonderful Dunbarton Blue Cheddar. From there we shambled through european markets, consignment shops, and even a homemade natural cosmetic shop where we found some deliciously smelling marmalade soap. 
On April 19, I was really struck not only by thinking of the last few things I'll be able to do before I leave Denver. But I also remembered that one year ago, I was leaving for Japan for three months. I started thinking about everything that has happened since then. 
Three months in Japan gave me so many experiences I hope to grow upon going back again sometime: language school, visiting the tsunami/earthquake area of Sendai, meeting so many international friends, fellowshipping with new and old friends, eating new foods. 
Other than Japan, there have been several life milestones: Dad's open heart surgery and ankle replacement healing process, travel nursing in Florida, learning how to scuba dive, moving back to Denver, welcoming a new niece into the family, a cousin who started repenting, signing up for a TEFL course to be able to teach english while in Japan, watching another cousin graduate and find a job and yet another cousin design several clothing lines before graduating, my parents took perspectives, starting a skype bible study with friends in japan and america, etc.
There are still so many questions I have about my future but I am thankful thinking of every way God has been so faithful this last year. 
One of my last views of the Rockies on the way home from church