home for easter

So I know Easter was a really long time ago, but I felt I had to show the happy faces holding the needle felted owl since the tutorial has been up for almost a month now. I was blessed with the opportunity to go home over Easter. For some reason, during this last travel nursing job in Denver, Colorado I've been more homesick than normal. Probably in part because I missed my little pops and especially my newest niece, Lucette Mela Steffen, aka: Cetty. For those of you who haven't met this precious pearl yet, I do have some grainy iphone pics that really don't do her justice.
Playing with poppy just gets more and more fun as she gets older!
Our newest pearl of sweetness
I tried really hard to get her to open her eyes, which is why her eyebrows are really high but she wouldn't have any of it. She seems to be oh so content eating and sleeping, no seeing required. Oh, the energy it takes to opens one's eyes...oh, so much effort...can't...do...it
Without very many reactions from this little sweetie, I had to read between the lines. What she said, without saying anything, while I was there was, "Please hold me in any position you please, I'll be sleeping right here."
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