Denver church remodeling project

Updated May 6: New Pictures at the End

So this is Denver's first big church remodel since they've had the building in the mid 80's. I'm not very learned in construction terms and I haven't been involved in any of the details, but I thought I'd share several of the pictures for those of you who keep this church close to your heart. 
New lights, new carpet, several parts of new drywall and paint

They removed the walls around a former nursing mothers room and added an accent wall, as well as all that new carpet

Behind the pulpit is another accent wall, much of the prior wood on the walls was removed, and what was kept has been cleaned, restructured, and restained. There's also much work being done to the basemement: moving walls, opening closets, basically completely redone. It was really dusty and dark down there so I didn't take any pics.

I'll try to add a completed picture of the church when I get to see it on Sunday!

Updated portion:
The remodeling at church continues to progress nicely, and the final stages are here thanks to numerous volunteers! We appreciate the efforts of all who’ve been able to devote time to helping.  At this point,
·         The lounge is gone (the couch room)
·         Electrical work is done (or nearly done)  (new lights and other work)
·         The popcorn ceiling has been scraped
·         The drywall and ceiling have been retextured
·         Drinking fountain is in
·         The carpet is in
·         The major painting is done
·         Benches are nearly all put back in place
·         Plus other items too numerous to mention