the misty hot springs

Thanks for visiting Mom and Dad!
We started our trip from Downtown Denver to Glenwood Springs on the Californian Zephyr Amtrak.
perfect hat for a train, dad

started out on the plains

six hours of train riding gives us all time to catch up on perspective's homework, except me who got to interrupt their focus occasionally to see deer, coyotes, and others. dad even spotted some eagles!

Lavender and Thyme Bed and Breakfast is one of my favorites, not just for the food which is delicious, but the hosts Peter and Janet are so sweet and have so many stories to share.

The hot springs pool was so relaxing by the mountains. It's like the biggest natural hot tub I've ever seen.

Our next morning

Janet even surprised me with a birthday crown and cheesecake with a musical candle. That was a first being sung to by the food. Notice the authentic tea cozy in the background and disregard Janet's singing expression.

Mom and Dad all bundled up ready to return to Denver

The train station was really old so it has a very authentic classic feel complete with wooden benches that look like they came straight from Anne of Green Gables.

Returning back to the plains of Denver

We had some fun times in Downtown and in Denver church for a few days but for some reason I didn't seem to capture any pictures. The wild is always more pretty to me anyway.
So they returned safely by air and I had to return to work. We can't delay the inevitable for too long, right?

I had a great time, thanks mom and dad!