Cool Audio Japanese Bible App


Introducing Audio Bible Japan

  • a podcast that allows one to listen through the New Testament in a year in Japanese
  • includes a scripture reading and a short message (with the pre-believer in mind...)
  • an excellent tool for missionaries
  • a great way to introduce the Bible to seekers
  • and now available as a FREE APP for all iOS and Android devices
Why not check it out and then recommend it to others as well?
Here are the various links:

1.     Download the new mobile App
       (for your iOS and Android devices - if you're reading this on your computer,
        you might want to re-open this mail on your smart-phone or smart-tablet
        so that you can use this link directly)
2.     Listen to “Audio Bible Japan” via iTunes
       (to subscribe to the podcast for listening on your computer or MP3 player)
3.     Visit the Audio Bible Japan website
4.     Visit the Audio Bible Japan keitai site (with your "non-smart / regular"  keitai phone!)

If you skip the links above and go directly to the App Store or Google Play Store to search for Audio Bible Japan, please be sure to search using the katakana name, i.e., オーディオバイブルジャパン、NOT “Audio Bible Japan”.

If you run into any problems with finding or downloading the app, or simply listening to the podcast via iTunes, DON’T HESITATE TO EMAIL ME. I’D LOVE TO RESPOND TO ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS.

Serving Together,

Tim Johnson
Missionary / Evangelical Covenant Church
Director / Audio Bible Japan

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Web site:
Postal furikae number: 00130-4-180466 JEMA Japan Harvest