The link between sushi, oatmeal ice cream, and a cute little girl

Denver's quaint ice cream parlor, Little Man Ice Cream, shaped like an antique cream container stole my heart with its Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ice cream. While Autumn, my lovely guide and fellow warrior into the yummy goodness was partial to the 16th Street Chocolate concoction. On a normal summer day, I'm told the line extends down the street. Maybe we're crazy but we were already second in line when we stopped by. No matter the temps were around freezing somewhere, ice cream is always a good choice. And I believe that's a quote from my wonderful grandma Louise who shares my love for the refreshing dessert. 

Meeting with friends is one of the best plans you can make when there's time off work. For example, Autumn let me pick out her very first tastes of sushi. I don't think I was quite up to the task, but here at the Sushi Den she got the real deal between all the traditional flavors of nigiri and sushi rolls like natto, kobe beef, tamago, needefish, spanish mackerel, tuna, saba, scallops. I give her my utmost respect trying all sorts of crazy things, some of which were easier to stomach than others. 

 (left pic) our leftovers of natto(far left), salmon with cream cheese, and kobe beef
(right pic) a delicious beginning of steamed shumai
 Here's what's what on this place (left to right): tamago (egg), scallops, needlefish, aji (spanish mackerel), saba, and finally magura (tuna)
The aji always wins my favorite whether in Japan or here at home!

 And I just had to throw this pic in as well for some of my family and friends who haven't seen a picture of little Sophia Leman (Dan and Tess'). I'm used to my little poppy but this little girl is so well behaved! My pops couldn't compare when she was this age. Come out and visit and you can see for yourself!