Going Local in Denver

My first week in Denver, Colorado
Since several of my past posts have been text driven, this one will be mostly pics. Enjoy!
A sunny Saturday at Happy Coffee

A local Asian Decor store where I practiced my Kanji from the artwork and found some awesome finds. Good thing I don't own a house!

Strolled through Washington Park, just a couple block from my home

Found some popular and nearby tennis courts that were all full despite being February. Next time I'll need to bring my raquet. The host at my bnb said these were some of the only ones where it's safe and fun to find strangers to play with by sitting on the bench and asking who needs a partner. Apparently it's called 'pick up tennis'. I'll need to be more brave, but it sounds like fun. Finally, no need to play against the wall for awhile!

My cute home for this month: It was a long haul finding a place in my price range but I couldn't have found sweeter hosts. Thanks Bryan and Gina!

All in all...a gorgeous Saturday getting to know my surroundings. I'll post more about how my nursing orientation went soon!