Opportunities for the Japanese Illiterate


There are so many needs for missionaries and inspiration in Japan.

This is already evident since it is the most unreached people group in the world. But what do you do if Japanese is literally a foreign language to you? Just like the sign above, 日本語 might look like crazy symbols with absolutely no purpose. I mean it's not like most Americans use it on a daily basis or even can see a difference between Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. So if you would like to give your time or find connections for how to be useful, is there any way to help in such a country with so little spoken English?


For those of us in that category, I have just found out some cool news. There are options in several places some of which I've mentioned here. But just yesterday I heard about a Christian Academy in Japan, in Tokyo to be specific. They list job opportunities in their school which are frequently updated on their website. Through these many opportunities, they are looking for anyone from a wood shop teacher to a speech therapist! No Japanese language required. To see a list of qualifications and possibly fill out an interest form, click here.

Updated Christian Academy in Japan logo.png

After looking into it myself, here are the pros I found. Their school year starts in August like most American schools. Unlike Japanese schools which typically runs year round and starts in April. English is the prominent language spoken within the school. You get the weekends and holidays off. (This is like all schools, but coming from a full-time nursing job this sounds amazing.) And as an exponential benefit, you can connect with a plethora of missionaries and organizations all working for the glory of God in Japan. This is all within the framework of the Japanese government, so resources are already set up for how you can jump in! And one of the most important details, this kind of job allows time after school and on weekends to support our local churches in Shioda and Tokyo.


Another opportunity is through a newly made partnership between Asian Access and SIM called Go2Japan. SIM seems to have a solid foundation on Jesus Christ and is connected with some of my missionary friends. This new program is starting to develop strong pathways for those interested in short-term (2weeks to 3months), medium term (1-3years), and long term (4+years) options. I'm still waiting to hear back from them this week but I'll keep posting about news and updates. If you're at all interested, feel free to connect with me through this site.

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