A Victorian Christmas

I know Christmas is several weeks past but I wanted to share a little about a Victorian Christmas festival I visited in Thomasville, GA. With several friends I met in the area (through my dear roommate) we traveled the short distance to Georgia where an annual festival celebrated the birth of Christ with a fun twist as people dressed up in Victorian apparel, similar to the look I picture in the Christmas carol. 
Old men wore top hats, canes, and fancy suits. And many women strolled in their ballgowns and muffs. Also down the way, a big truck hauled in slushie snow for the children. Kids were have "snow ball" fights with the white slush (which looked perfect for snow cones in my opinion). But I can't say anything, being from the North, I never lacked an abundance of snow in the winter. To these kids, it was so very worth it.
I added several pictures so take a peek at the beautiful streets, menu of a local restaurant, and the joyful children!