Miami for a fresh fish dinner

A quick trip to Miami to visit my cousin. And an unexpected surprise in the evening!
Prepping for a fabulous night on the town...well, on the beach...and our own dinner :)
Bruce toured me around his cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu where I got to see some fabulous cakes from the students, witness a barbecue competition, and be a fly on the wall in a foundations of cooking class.
making gnocchi
Enjoying the beach before heading into the kitchen we strolled the beach. Since Bruce has always loved to fish, guess what he brought along! Yep, a fishing pole. As we chatted about life and the future walking along the shore he just casually would cast and reel, cast and reel, cast and reel, making it second nature. Which is why I was so surprised when...
he got a bite! Being the sweet guy he is he handed me the pole and helped me reel it in. A spanish mackerel, "perfect for an appetizer", he said.
Apparently they are one of the tastier fishes in these water and it's unusual for one to be so close to the beach. Another fisherman we met was shocked to see our catch. What made me laugh the most though was watching Bruce wrap the still flopping fish in his undershirt and slide it into his pocket. Who does that?! Experienced fishermen I suppose.
thus, our appetizer as fresh as it could be
i learned proper herb cutting techniques
my first ever Endive Salad, I let Bruce pick the menu and I'm so glad
while cooking, we heard some loud noise and thought someone was at the door. Nope! A beautiful spontaneous firework display out the back porch.
Back to the Sea Bass with Dill and Lemon
Plating dinner and its special sauce
The final work of art!
Now for the taste test...
Delicious! Thanks for the wonderful day, Bruce!