Folding bikes, flying kites, and Thai Satay

Last week I had a couple days off so I drove down to Osprey, FL to see my aunt. She's always been a blessing to me. As a fellow nurse, more often than not she acts as a sounding board to my frustrations as well. All the ups and downs that go with any kind of job, having someone around you who knows what it's like and just listens is a big encouragement in itself. 
We took her folding bikes out for a spin in Nokomis, FL. Gala rode the Boardwalk by Dahon (the red one above) which is a great, inexpensive model for those that have thoughts about purchasing a folding bike in the future. My main bike is also a Dahon so I would definitely recommend them as well for fast easy folding as well as an enjoyable ride. 
Then off we went to the beach to fulfill one of her bucket list dreams: Fly a Kite! We had some good wind which really helped out. We unraveled the string and fumbled it together but after a few checks to the manual and some laughs later we threw it up in the air. And off it went...
If you have a mind like me that tends to swim with songs and pictures, we'd have been singing a beloved song together. But since my mind is often random I'll provide a link. 
The sunset was beautiful! We then headed off for a fun meal at a Thai restaurant. We tried some new things like green curry and this Thai Satay pictured below. They provide some kind of meat or tofu on skewers. We picked the tofu and two sauces. One tasted like a peanut curry and the other like a grapefruit oil with some sweet peppers. We dipped our tofu and then cooked it over the little open flame brought to our table. I'm sure you could cook the tofu and then dip or vice versa. Or even dip both times; but however you do it, you will love it!