DIY Indoor/Outdoor Firepit

On Pinterest, I came across a diy for a firepit that can go indoors or outdoors. See the original pin here. And the great thing about diy is you can personalize to how you like it. With travel nursing I end of living with various people and I like to leave a gift so to speak if I can find something good enough. 
My roommate has a great patio and being in Florida I thought a nice firepit for some smores this winter was just the thing to make that patio even more inviting. Here's how mine turned out. What do you think? Good enough for a gift? 
  • marine silicone
    • i found this on amazon, i checked lowe's, walmart, home depot and none of them even were sure about what it is. just go to amazon first unless you know a handy guy :)
  • cheap glass frames (these need to fit around the edges of your planter)
    • mine turned into a case around the planter because they were just a couple mm too wide. be sure to check exact dimensions if you don't like this look. i loved this tutorial but the hardest part was finding a pot with a lip and square opening to fit the glass dimensions.
  • rocks
    • the varied colors kind is at dollar stores but i liked the solid dark stones so i found mine at hobby lobby
  • any kind of metal mesh (available at hardware stores)
    • i found at the dollar store
  • gel fuel
    • again, a little harder to find. i ended up going with normal fuel from the dollar store but amazon also sold this, just in bulk, so it's good to have many since one can lasts about 6 hours
  • any metal planter with a lip (edge)
    • as i mentioned above, this was the hardest to find but i loved how mine turned out. I ended up finding mine at hobby lobby

For the full tutorial check out this link. Mine looks a little different because of the glass encasing the pot instead of setting on the edge. I also added some moss from hobby lobby, a second tray to cover to protect from stray leaves, rain, etc, and my pot is a little more vintage looking. But I love how it turned out, a little less modern than the example but just what I was going for. What do you think? How would you personalize it? Add your thoughts below.