A chilly home visit

Two weekends ago I was able to visit my lovely hometown of Bluffton. What was the occasion? It had been a whole month away! Yeah, a month. That doesn't seem much like much to you I guess. Well, how about this. My cousin made a dedication of her life to Jesus Christ and that weekend was her baptism ceremony. Knowing that, there was no way on earth I'd miss out on such an occasion. So home again I went. 
Initially from Florida it didn't seem like too much of a change; the temperatures getting on and off the planes were relatively comparable, surprising. But being Indiana, in the stretch of days I was home I witnessed the nice 70 degree weather on the first day and pretty much snow the next day. Oh Indiana, you are quite moody but I love you anyway. I thought I'd upload a picture but honestly, it was really hard to see the snow since it wasn't yet cold enough for it to stick to the ground. The picture just ended up looking fuzzy instead of like the picturesque first snowfall of the year that it was.

By all the pictures you can tell who I love the most or maybe just who makes me laugh the most. As well as seeing the first snow of the year, I also was able to make an appearance with my niece. The lovely Poppy is growing up ever so quickly. I won't be able to keep up with this fashionista when she's my size. For those of you who knew my grandma Lucy, take a peek at this smile below. What a beautiful thing that newness of children can bring back so much reminiscence. 

And thanks to all of you who read my blog. I haven't been able to post since I hit an error that I hit my photo limit last week. Naturally I was devastated and thought, "What will I write about if I can't add pics?" To me posts without pictures are very, very boring. So in the hopes of not boring any friends, I went to find a solution. And yes, my friends, I found one through Picasa Web Albums and to the techies out there, the Cloud. Thanks everyone!