Pediatrics and their toys

Working in Pediatrics always has its perks: playing battleship, learning Spanish with Dora the Explorer, and watching teenage boyfriends bringing flowers for their girl. A couple nights back though, my coworkers noticed a piece of equipment no one knew how to use just lying silently in the corner of our treatment room. It's name is the vecta: mobile sensory unit. They decided they were going to solve this contraption and figure out what it does. We could've just googled it but where is the fun in that?
Who knew that this...
...turns into this!!!

and this...

and has foot pedals that adjust the color and an orange ball that when you squeeze, bubbles fly through the vertical tunnel (never thought I'd say that phrase)

and a movie appears on the wall!

This experience has taught me that curiosity doesn't always kill the cat. Sometimes, just sometimes, it will induce a seizure as well :) 

So see better pictures try here
and to watch a video of all this coolness try here