Did you know facts about Japan and missions are staggering?



Japan needs missions

• There are about 7,800 protestant churches in Japan and the average church size is 35 people… that is one church for every 16,000 people.
• Nearly 80% of Japanese pastors are in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s with there not being many Japanese Christian men to replace them. In 15 years many Japanese churches will have no pastor
• Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. More than 30,000 people have committed suicide each year for the past 13 years (about a 100 people a day or one every 15 minutes)
• Japan has 183,000 known cult groups registered with the government and is known by some as the cult capital of the world
• Abortion is the most common form of birth control
• Japan is the #1 provider of child pornography
While 22 percent of U.S. teens in previous Gallup surveys often wondered why they existed, the number for Japanese teens was 85 percent. Similarly, while 76 percent of U.S. teens always see a reason for their being on Earth, only 13 percent of Japanese teens agreed with the statement. A surprisingly high 11 percent of Japanese teens wished they had never been born, a figure that comes in at 3 percent for U.S. teens.