Saying "Bye" to Autumn and "Hi" to Tally

Sorry for the delay everyone!

Here's what's going on (or has already):
Sept 19- found out about a possible peds traveling nurse job in tallahassee
Sept 20- completed phone interview
Sept 22- accepted position
Sept 23-26 packed like crazy, met with all my lovely family, and realized that ill completely miss autumn
Sept 27- baked pumpkin...everything! Scones, pie, muffins, pancakes... And took memorial pictures of all the pretty changing leaves.
Sept 28- drove to Tally after an uplifting Skype bible study with ladies in Japan; thanks for all the prayers everyone!
Sept 29- started my housing hunt in person and drove around finding my way to the top stops: st marks trail, a peek of the Gulf, and the downtown atmosphere