Myrtle Schmyrtle

This week I've been blessed to spend time spontaneously with my grandparents in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Hajimete! It's my first time!

A local harbor area, Murrell's Inlet, seemed interesting despite the 30 mile bike trip I didn't notice before my tired legs required me to check my phone for distance. But this view was my finish line and even with the incoming storm, quite beautiful.

Grandma and I went out for frozen yogurt one day. Here's are recipe concoctions:
Mine: Pina Colada frozen yogurt, blackberries, lemon curd, and graham crackers
Grandma's: Pina Colada frozen yogurt, raspberrie compote, and pecans

Occasionally it was rainy, but I loved it since it made many people head inside. The beach then would be so much more peaceful.

As I was walking Under the Boardwalk, I couldn't help humming the song by the Drifter's.

What a cute couple!

58 years and still going strong :)