Fifth Ebenezer

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*to live each moment with an eternal perspective – knowing we should do this is different than actually putting it into action! Do I remember that if my prayers aren’t answered with the results I desire, that God is still good? My perspective is limited to the immediate; God sees not only the beginning and the end, but He also sees how He can use these circumstances in our lives to point others to Himself. Brother Orville Ringger reminded us once that life isn’t lived day-by-day, but moment-by-moment…and quoted Ps. 73:23-26. What are we doing with each moment? We’ve been reading a book entitled, “Finishing Strong” by Steve Farrar and he talks about vision. “It takes vision to focus on what’s truly important and finish strong. What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind? Are we living the Scriptures and leaving behind the priceless heritage of a Godly life? We will have the scars to prove it if we are, because life is a battle! Vision enables us to keep our focus daily; to be faithful to our Lord moment by moment; and to fix our eyes on Jesus.” This life isn’t what it’s all about; it’s a preparation / training period for eternity!