Anthropologie Giveaway!

The first giveaway for this blog is here! So everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. In honor of the new card ministry, where kids can write cards for Japan's tsunami victims, we'll be giving away a TUC wood whale which keeps together all the your special cards, envelopes, pencils, and even your phone. I hope whoever receives this lovely prize will love it as much as I do.

Anthropologie uses TUC brand merchandise. This is a new item purchased today and looks quite nice. Here are some details on the card ministry and the giveaway!

Here's the prize!
For the cards: Any child can create a card with any media: pencils, crayons, stickers, paint, even charcoal :) Either them (if they are old enough) or the parent/teacher/babysitter can write a short encouraging note. It can include anything, so feel free to write bible verses or whatever you like. I wrote a post about some of the major needs of the people from a local person's point of view. The biggest threat is a lack of hope in elderly resulting in drastically increasing rates of suicide. It's horribly sad, especially since many in this culture have no clue of the eternal hope in Christ. 

A Japanese doctor, Dr. Harasawa, working in the local hospital wants to pass out the cards to his patients and those in the temporary housing. He is the original founder to this idea and would love to see cards flooding his hospital mailbox.

Feel free to write their name and age anywhere on the card. If you have a picture of the child, throw it in as well. I'll be getting some pictures of the Japanese recipients to post here as well. So I'm sure they'd love to see little children's smiles.

If possible, try to leave the left flap blank. This is because I'll be sending them to our Tokyo church where the messages will be translated and written on the left flap, or any extra space. 

Giveaway Rules:
All will be entered in the giveaway ONCE who leave a comment below.

To get you name entered TWICE OR MORE, every completed card I receive will earn you an additional entry as well. So get your kids coloring and I look forward to seeing their masterpieces. (Feel free to ask for my address by email: if you need it, or drop them off with your name somewhere labeled as well.)
The giveaway will end one week from now: the night of Thursday, August 30. I'll then announce the winner on Friday the next day!
Happy Coloring!
Wood Whale - Click to enlarge