When's the last time you went skipping?

Seriously, skipping. As a joyful and playful pace faster than a walk but slower than a run. This being my first morning back in the states I am really feeling the jetlag. So instead of sleeping, I decided to take a walk to see the sunrise here at the lake cottage. And what a beautiful morning it is too. I grabbed my shoes and walked out at 6:30am (a later sunrise than japan's 4:00am) with my lullaby playlist ready. I was so amazed by the beauty of today I wanted to focus on it somehow. Running? I was feeling more spontaneous and less disciplined. Skipping was my choice method.

But I bet if you listened to this song on a quiet morning, ducks gliding across the glassy waters, by a serene lake with a lone boat, mesmerized by God's creation, you couldn't help but do the same.

So...when's the last time you went skipping?