Origami Bouquet

To make an origami flower bouquet there needs to be 12 flowers. Each flower has five petals so 60 sheets of paper and some glue are the only materials for this project. Use any paper you like: opaque, translucent, origami, or even leftover paper from home such as maps or old books. Each piece needs to be perfectly square. That's it! It would be really cute for bridesmaids bouquets or table centerpieces. Add a special touch by writing notes inside the edges of the petals or just keep it crisp and beautiful as it is. Have fun! 
(if any part is confusing just leave a comment and I'll try to answer it more simply. Thanks!)

match crease to crease

I didn't have glue around so I improvised with tape, but glue works a little better.

with glue, the petals can situate more evenly than with tape

For me it's easier to make all the petals. Then, I make into all the flowers.

With a little glue match the petals, normally three at a time and hold together. Occasionally, some of the flowers will need to match 4 petals or 5 petals to complete the sphere.

Here the top part is done. Just a few more flowers below will create the entire circle. However, if you'd rather leave it this way, you could easily add a handle at the bottom for a true bouquet.

The finished product! Can also be used for hanging decoration. Halfway through piecing the flowers together add a string to the cent of the flower. And then continue with the flowers. 
Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!