Japan Update

Sorry for the boring title, everyone. But I really had no clue what to name this one. It's a conglomeration of pics that I thought you'd like to see. But there's no consistent theme. Anyway...
Aaron G. and I had fun hiking Mt. Takao last week. Here's a view from the lookout on top
There's some beautiful grapevines and ajisai, hydrangeas, outside of the shioda church

Supper at the Ito's: Akihiro sported his awesome goggles as he grilled supper for his parents and me. 

Now here's the main event. Our new addition to the Ito family: Kenji Willis. He's a beautiful, healthy baby with some very interesting stories behind his name and its corresponding kanji. Check out the story on their blog here.

Here's his adorable smirk; although with his eyes closed it kind of looks like a grimace

And his sad crying face...

...and the precious sleeping profile...

and Tomokun being a gentle big brother

Nice to meet you Kenji kun and I'm excited to see what you'll be like!