Little Mr. Zen-kun...

I've been blessed by babysitting this cute little 9month old boy. I wanted to share this with all of you because this family has been a really sweet part of my weeks. I sit for 6 hours in the afternoon on Mondays and Thursdays. His mother, Ayako, helps me with my Japanese and I get to help with her English.

Ayako and her husband both are a sweet family and they have helped me see a an authentic fully Japanese family. For that alone I am so thankful. Ayako is a wonderful sounding board for my many ideas too.
Because of their typical Japanese lifestyle, their Sundays are usually the one family day for the father to be with the rest of the family. Church could be such a great tool to build their small faith, but I also hate to suggest taking away even a bit of their family time. Keep them in your prayers.