Shinjuku's finest

Before I go into the story behind this tantalizing chocolatey delicacy, I'd like to share a short story of God's amazing workings across oceans. 
Those of you who know me or who have followed my blog the last several months know also that I was in Colorado at the beginning of the year. I had started travel nursing and learning all the crazy flexibility needed to be in that kind of work. In orientation I met another pediatrics nurse. We were the only two so we got to know each other pretty well. After some time, I shared my desires to go to Japan and help our church, the tsunami area, etc. I also shared I was unsure how I could help as a nurse since they don't accept foreign nurses. 
J. said, "What a coincidence because my uncle happens to live in Tokyo. And he teaches English medical terminology to Japanese men and women in nursing school." I  was very excited but didn't want to jump too far ahead knowing how timing often doesn't work out for these fun ideas. She put me in contact with him, T., and we began corresponding. 
Last Saturday was the fateful day, we met in downtown Shinjuku, Tokyo at the Park Hyatt. I'm very thankful I could meet him and am prayerful God can do amazing things in his life. He's lived here for 30+ years and gave me several helpful suggestions for my time here and expectations. 
Ok, back to the chocolatey goodness! We ate at their fabulous deli and then after an amazing Tokyo skyline view on the top floor, he bought me some dessert. All my friends know I can't stay too far from chocolate so my lovely pick is what's pictured above. And yes, it tasted as good as it looks. A little pricey but worth it for one of those memorable experiences. 
Each dessert was so delicate and beautiful. 

Cherry Pistachio...right there was enough to make me smile. 

Here's the view from T.'s humble abode. That's part of the Shinjuku skyline. And sorry, that's not the Gotham tower in the distance. 

And accolades to T. for bringing out the three pronged fork for this experience.

One of the many unique building architecture styles.

When I was walking by this on my way back to the train station my jaw literally dropped...probably. The building was a real opera house with amazing character. The whole ground floor was a large serenity pool with the authentic Japanese styling of various Rock formations and different degrees of depth into the water. It was even apparent they used the wind effect to give different sections of the pool and entirely different feel. 
Just wish I could have heard some Puccini in the background. 
A great day exploring in Shinjuku.