fireflies in okayama :)
fireflies in okayama

Ok, so a friend of mine recently posted about their love for Pinterest and I'd have to agree. It's just an amazing place to get inspiration to make the small daily things in life be more creative, efficient, or just plain useful. But I don't think I could write a post as fun as my friend's so I thought I'd share her thoughts with you all. Then whoever has a similar Pinterest love can share their favorite pinterest project below as well!

10 Reasons I Love Pinterest
by Amber

Call me a bit of an addict if you want, but not only is Pinterest fun, it’s also got lots of awesome stuff on it that’s helpful and really fun! And lest you think I’m just justifying a habit, here’s merely 10 reasons I love Pinterest (not in any specific order)… you decide what you think of it from here.
1. Photography Tips, awesome photography for inspiration, and links to blogs and endless different styles that are really helpful. Just about everything links back to some source of information or gets you following people who like the same things as you. For photography, or other interests, this is a great source!
2. Awesome Quotes & Inspirations, and some of them are really pretty! Its a huge variety, but I find a lot of neat stuff here. (Check out my sidebar for weekly inspirations.)
3. It’s like Free Ikea with room by room displays and decorating dreams. This one I thought was awesome, and something I could realistically pull off in an apt. I’ve really gotten some great ideas I could reproduce cheaply from it.
4. Sweet Outfit Coordinator/ Inspiration. I tweeted about this before, but seriously this has helped me pull things from the closet I haven’t worn in ages and pair it with new things. Terrific variety for people with different styles, and it’s making me think outside the box :)
5. Recipes! I can’t even begin to say how much cooking has become more fun, and how much NEW stuff I’ve tried since I’ve started really diving into recipes here. Seriously, I’m having a blast. This is one example I haven’t tried yet, but I think looks fabulous. (If you’re interested in some of the stuff I’m trying, check out the weekly recipe links on the side column.) Here’s one for Fig, Gorgonzola & Honey.
6. DIY Party Ideas! This is seriously a money saver, and there’s some awesome DIY craft ideas that make parties that much more fun. Used several inspirations for my parent’s 50th birthday party, and I’m sure many more ideas will be put to use in the future. Here’s a current fav.
7. Crafting Ideas like this iPad or Bible cover case. Stuff like this is fun, creative, and cost effective. And then make great gifts…
8. Endless Design Inspirations for print, web, package, you name it. Talk about a designer’s heaven! Check out this one… and, of course, they’re all linked to networks of endles more blogs and websites.
9. Advocacy Opportunities and great ways to support and spread the word about different organizations and causes. Like this one, for FashionAble scarves supporting Women at Risk. Isn’t this one lovely? And it’s going to create sustainable business for someone!
10. And last but not least JUSTIFICATION article links, like this one: NIH Study: Coffee Does Make You Live Longer, After All. 
So see, there’s something fun for everyone :)