My New Garden

Ok, so it's always been a dream of mine to have a cute little garden and it finally happened. The home owners generously allowed me to freely garden in their backyard. So after school on Monday I stopped by the nursery and picked up some fun plants. I felt like a kid in a candy shop picking from countless varieties of lavendar, clematis, and strawberry bushes. 
Packing them into my bike was interesting. And I think I lost a couple clematis petals on my way home, but it was completely worth it.

I spent a couple days prior to buying the plants preparing the soil: tilling by hand, fertilizing, weeding, and planning.



A long distance view, the garden takes up a little less than half of the yard.

Along the front right I planted a clematic and mimosa to wind up the fence and create a pretty floral wall between the neighbor's house and ours. Behind those two is a cucumber plant which is has the wall as a support as well. Then, starting in the closest horizontal row (left to right): 3 varieties of lettuce, sprouts, and two tomato plants.
Next row back: 3 green bean plants, 3 strawberry bushes, and one more mimosa climber for the fence.
Row against the back fence: green onion seeds, honeysuckle climber, cucumber seeds, and one tomato plant. 

From left to right: cucumber plant, mimosa climber, and clematis climber

Moonflower bush

Finished product
But guess what?!! Just yesterday I took a closer look at the strawberry and take a peek at what I saw. 
That's right, my first baby strawberry! Or ichigo, as they say in Japan.