Mother's Day at the Hospital

Every Mother's Day the Shioda church takes some hand towels and cards to the local hospital to give to all the moms. Reikosan, I believe put the cards together. And all the ladies enjoyed them so much. Even though I couldn't say much I could bow and say douzo arigatogozaimasu (Here you go. Thank you very much). Most of the church people joined in, including Koshin and Kotaro. 

Nice umbrella Ayako! It was pretty hot so umbrella's used for the sun do seem to be more popular here.  

Carrie and Akihiro then brought everyone to a local restaurant. It was the first time I learned to use the shoe lockers with wooden keys. Very efficient! (Pictured above is Reikosan and Iwamasan)

We tried all fitting at a table in the tatami room. But we didn't quite fit so we moved. Poor Iwamasan had to completely resituate herself. She was a good sport about it.

Carrie and Akihiro dropped off Kotaro and Koshin at their house where Biren, their mother, was waiting. Koshin seemed to have fun kicking the ball around while we were there.

One of Tomokun's many expressions. This one is either a look of reflection or a dazed look. I'm not quite sure.