Golden Week

Golden Week is a holiday week here in Japan. Many festivals and celebrations often take place each day to commemorate certain days. Since I had a couple days off language school because of this, here's what I got to do.
My local train station-Takao
I met up with M. (originally from Detroit, MI) at her train station, tsutsujigaoka. Then we headed off to see the wonders of dowtown tokyo: shinjuku, harajuku, and shibuya (fashion capital)
Here's a street in Harajuku.

I love the style sense or the lack thereof there. Most of the girls throw random pieces of clothing together for their outfits...

...or try to look like a doll (which is apparently pretty popular-although i'm not sure why).

This 4story forever 21 reminded me of home and some of my friends who love this place. 

One mall was having their grand opening so M. and I explored the never been used escalators and levels of stores. The entrance was the best part in my opinion though. Angled mirrors from top to bottom, making it shine and appear as though there were 10 times more people there.

These mirrors laced the wall up two flights of escalators.

Can you imagine why this store caught my eye? It was a-maz-ing. Just normal home products and trinkets, but the lighting was stupendous. I can't imagine even knowing how to install such a thing. It sure made my jaw drop when I walked through the doors.

Everywhere there's a delicate sense of detail from big buildings to small desserts (sorry no pics of these yet)

For all my Bluffton friends, this sign reminded me of our farm to table restaurant in town, T.W. Fables. 

And, here my friends, right outside the train station in shibuya is the busiest intersection in the world. I'd imagine this crowd was less than normal being a holiday, many probably were outside the city.

And right across from that intersection was the biggest and busiest starbucks in the world. The three levels and outdoor ordering + my matcha frappucino made this experience super delectable.

One day during Golden Week is called Children's Day. The tell tale signs of this upcoming day are skads of koinoburi flying on wires along almost all the bridges and walkways coupled with small tents selling food and toys for kids, called matsuri.  

Yesterday, Akihiro, Carrie, Kazuya (A.'s mother), little Tomokun, and I went out for Ramen. Those are the three red symbols on the sign (ra-me-n). 

It was so tasty! Apparently this is Carrie's favorite Ramen place. They add Yuzu into the broth which is a fruit, so it gives a slightly citrus aftertaste.

The gyoza dumplings were really good too. But, I was lucky because Kazuya mixed the dipping sauces together for me into the perfect mixture. I think the three used were soy, rabu (which is a very spicy choice similar to wasabi), and vinegar. 

We had to keep reminding tomokun to lean over the bowl. Even so, there were still a pile of noodles on the ground. Oh well, he's so cute you have to forgive him right?

Oh yes, the loquat tea. Loquats are similar to kumquats and they make great tea. A slightly bitter taste with fruity flavor and no calories or caffeine.

It's been raining for several days. And rain is normally something I love. Feel free to ask all my friends and family. However, this is just getting crazy drizzling from morning through the night. 
But as I'm writing this, the sun has come out to play once more for today. So I'm very thankful. 

Thanks for all the prayers everyone. I'll be traveling this weekend to visit a sister. And then on Sunday, I'll brave the trains to Tokyo. And Lord willing, I'll get back to school on Monday ready to go.