First Skype Bible Study

We had the very first English Skype Women's Bible Study this morning! Next week we'll start going through the book "When Helping Hurts". I'm excited to see how God will use this and each of us. There were a couple ladies from the churches in Japan, one friend from America, and a few other girls who are listening in the hopes of learning English better. At the end of this morning, one of them said she's excited to learn more about heaven and hell and what they are. That was such an encouragement to hear! I've been working on recording them so I can post them here for whoever would like to listen at a different time. However, I am having some technical difficulties playing the recording. But as soon as it's fixed I will post it for you all.

Get to know the Japanese listener: one of the attendants, Haruko, is a young girl I have just started teaching. She has been such a blessing and really has such a desire to learn. As we were chatting she mentioned she plays the piano. So I offered her to play her very favorite song. She proceeded to say that she wasn't very good, but sat down and started playing anyway. She is definitely modest because this song is so beautiful. So, if you like you can hear Haruko's favorite song and beautiful playing as well.