A Tokyo Sunday

Here's the front gate at our Apostolic Church in Tokyo, Japan

And take a peek at the schedule...
I asked Tomokun to give me a big smile. I laughed so hard!

Then we wanted to show me his "small" smile :)

After seeing the "big" and "small" smiles I was very curious. I asked him, "Tomokun, what's your best smile?"  I love him so much.

Manuela (Detroit, MI) and Hirokosan after church
It's been a lot of fun getting to know Manuela who moved here last year. She speaks English so it's nice to have an English friend. (Although I need to be careful I still push myself to practice) And Harukosan is so great! She's doesn't seem to be bound by the traditional Japanese woman's personality. She speaks her mind and is very forthright which I really appreciate. She's such a sweetheart!