Just like today's windy weather, my mind has blowing through, around, up, over, and down all the things left I need to do before I leave. I'm even a list person and this is blowing out of control.

  1. -email all my japan contacts
  2. -email people to meet in japan and set up times
  3. -clean out my corner of the attic
  4. -organize for garage sale
  5. -print all my travel documents
  6. -post my camera on ebay
  7. -reply to the guy that bought my camera after 6 hours
  8. -help my friends with their details for their visit to japan
  9. -meet with all my friends and family (this is fun, busy and fun)
  10. -organize my etsy shop and get the banners done and connect etsy mini to blog
  11. -prepare for a talk about a church's statement of faith
  12. -fix a clock for the second time (the minute hand stopped working)
  13. -take all new etsy pictures for my products
  14. -go to my dad's ankle appointment
  15. -and finally, pack!

oh, boy!