Shioda on Sunday

It's been a couple, crazy days since Sunday but I wanted to make sure you could see Shioda and its surroundings for you to picture.
It takes about 45 minutes for Carrie and Akihiro to drive to Shioda church but look at that pretty landscape along the way.
The church is on the same road as a temple and a couple other religious shrines. Carrie pointed out to me that we have the best attendance however. May God continue to bless the hearts of these people.
Here's the back of the church connecting to a small playground, garden, and parking lot.

All the trees around seem to be in bloom and I can't stop taking pictures.

Here's the view and the playground from the back.

And the following are pics from down the street at the temples and such.

The sign for the Shioda church. For those of you who probably won't ever come to Japan, this is a special sight.

The front door for the church

It is peach blossom season and Shioda in the Kofu Valley apparently has some of the best peaches and grapes in their season. So as we drove Akihiro pointed out all the different peach blossom and grapevine little farms/plots. The gov't built a special outlook where the peach blossoms look most beautiful. Here's some of the views.

Here you can see the outlook they built and part of a parking lot in front.

Here's Koshin sporting the traditional peace sign picture pose. He loved taking pictures too!

After relaxing in the peach blossoms, Carrie and Akihiro took several out to eat at a local sushi restaurant called Sushiro. All the sushi was amazing and I'm totally not kidding. Each plate of sushi revolves on something similar to an assembly line. And when something comes by your table you just take it off and keep the plate on your table. You can also make special orders from that little computer screen next to our table. Very techy and efficient I'd say :) Plus, 150yen sushi, great price.

Koshin ordered his favorite udon

This was the amount of plates at the very beginning. The end was about 3 times this many.

I wish I could remember the name of this one but it was very americanized with cheese and mayo on top. All the sushi was good but my favorite was probably the salmon and avocado.

My chopsticks skills have greatly increased. And since almost everyone eats sushi in one big bite, I fear my mouth size has increased too.

Oh well :)

Eggplant sushi

Tempura, avocado, and some fish eggs on top

I was not expecting dessert since fruit seems to be the common one. But I was pleasantly surprised by some tiramisu. First chocolate since America and it was great! 

Thanks all for your continued support and prayers. This first week has been a little overwhelming with language school, moving into Klaus' home, and learning all the daily life things like the bike lock, how to recycle everything, and biking etiquette. I hope to get some more pics in the next couple days. 
Have a great week everyone!