You've been Poppynapped!
"what does that mean?" you might be asking. 

It means that after coming home from my trip I stole my niece for an adventure. If by an 'adventure' I mean relaxing at my home. And if by 'stole' I mean I gave her parents a week notice and wished them a well couple of days. Then that is entirely true!

uh-oh, we have a tree hugger on our hands!

Going to see the neighbor dog, Leroy, turned from fear to wonder to excitement to "stop that"
the to running after him through all the yard
breakfast is always fun with the yogurt cupped mouth and white skin

Especially when she gives her classic cheerio mouth or gets out of her buckles

 Chilling with uncle N.

Those blue eyes are unwordly

 Here we go again...

All ready to go back inside, too sunny!

  got to love the cuddling phase all the way to the awnry grin phase

and we can't forget that dangerous phase, where she really fell off of this and caught her foot in the hole. not so fun!

the fast phase...

the timid phase...

You've been Poppynapped!