Planning to leave for three months in Japan takes some major organization. It also has been immensely helpful having a contact family and a church family to get advice, give suggestions, and help give me an overall peace of mind. And even above all of them, there would be no peace of mind, heart, or body without God being the center of this decision.
Since I can thank God in my own prayers, I want to expressly thank the Ito family in Japan for helping with so many little details and dealing with all my questions. Our connection has been so helpful for me and I hope I can be helpful to them while I'm there. So if you're ever considering heading to Japan, I have the perfect contact for you :)

And now that my mind can rest from topics of "what plan should I get for my cell phone", "what will I even be doing with most of my time", "how will i get around", and "where will i stay". Now I've been blessed to enjoy the company of my fair, for that is what all princesses shall be called, my fair niece for my last handful of days. (By the way, she really is laughing below, not grimacing like it could be construed, laughing it is!)