One Orange Bicycle...for now

The Ito's lent me their orange bicycle for the time I'm here in Japan. It's been fun learning the cool self lock system, automatic light at night, back kick stand, and two cute baskets. For school I bike into town and park in a bike lot close to the college. I get to bike along the river and through many backstreets. It has been a great experience to explore and see more of the area when the weather has been nice.
I remember dreaming of a day when I could bike to get some groceries for the day with a perfect little basket. Maybe stop along the way and watch the river. Now I can; the dream has totally come true. And I'm even learning coordination when it rains I practice holding the umbrella and steering around the low hanging cherry blossom branches.

Oh yeah, so bike etiquette has some rules here: just like cars, bikes stay on the left side of the road/sidewalk, it's illegal to bike without a light, and others I can't think of right now. 

Here's the amazing route to school along the river and cherry blossoms.

The view once I get to my college on Route 20. My class is on the fourth floor so I can people watch over break time.

Then after school when I need some groceries, here's our cute little grocery store just a short bike ride away, Seika.

The sushi here has been pretty good. And they have a lot of unique fruits and veggies I hope to try in time.

The below picture is a little fuzzy, but I really wanted to share this cool idea they have here. After you pay for your items. They give you a couple bags and have you bag things yourself. This way you're not waiting impatiently, the bagger doesn't accidentally put the eggs at the bottom, and there's a perfect little setup to put your wallet away, organize your reciepts, and bag everything appropriately. I like Japan's smart thinking.