Last Week

 The memories of my host family were great. Alyse in all her cuteness, a yellow balloon, and an elmo bag. It was sad leaving but at least I left at 6am. So I don't think I was fully awake to feel how truly sad it could've been. Goodbye The B. Family!

The beginning of my last week in Colorado...

Nick and I went out to Estes Park, Colorado. We found a lot of elk and even spotted one bighorn sheep. That was my goal!

We took a hike up the side of the Illuvial Fan.

...filled up our water bottles...

We then travelled to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO
(there are some pretty crazy people in this world. but it was a lot of fun watching their agony)
so if your best friend attempts climbing a really large rock for no reason, will you? theses people are.

That night G. and L. Zarkovacki invited us to G.'s family's house for a cultural experience, aka dinner- serbian style. Don and Susan (I wish I could pronounce their Serbian names) were so sweet. You can see Susan in the front next to the kids. Adorable!
Next day we found the Celestial Seasonings Tea factory. And guess what? they give tours. We sampled everything from Moroccan Pomegranate to Sleepytime to Fast Lane (they only sell this in-house because it has more caffeine than coffee)

We got to wear these awesome hairnets. Sadly we couldn't get the beard nets they offered. 
Nick was a tad congested and we had some more time before we needed to come home so I took him to Glenwood Springs, CO for the natural hot springs and vapor caves. Awesome for his cold and awesome for me.
A lot of the hotels were booked so we found a cozy B&B walking distance and look at their charming hello when we entered the room.
Seriously, I've never ever, ever had more than one course for breakfast. The B&B took breakfast to a whole new level. J. had 9 different table servings and changed them every single day. There were at least four courses for breakfast both mornings we were there. Check them out.
a souffle, cantaloupe, sausage
 the first table setting
 watermelon sorbet for after breakfast
 first course: banana split with poppyseed bread
 bran muffin and baked pear with raisins
 apple galette, grapes, sausage
Needless to say, that was just two days, but a lot of fun! And eating with complete strangers fancy style is bunches of fun too.
N. and I visited Doc Holiday's gravesite 1.4 mile from our B&B
It was spring break, so the crazy amounts of people were hard to miss since my last visit when there was hardly a soul.