A 34 Hour Day Going to Tokyo Alone

Day 1= Longest Day Ever
A day lasting 34 hours can only be had with a 14 hour time change.
Starting from Indiana and going to Tokyo alone. We stayed in Chicago the night before my flight Thursday morning and I left that morning at 10 am.
light packing on my way from chicago to tokyo
Mom was so sweet and came with me to the airport. So technically, I was alone after security. But what an adventure!
before my flight from chicago to tokyo
Singapore Airlines was a lot of fun getting meals entirely with seafood, walking past the amazing business class seats (they can fold into a bed), and watching the picture perfect stewardess'.
singapore airlines stuardess in economy during flight to tokyo
I had the opportunity to be on the upper level of our airbus right next to an emergency exit, so an amazing amount of leg room.
going to tokyo alone, singapore airlines airbus entrance
My first look at the Narita airport in Tokyo.
going to tokyo alone, narita airport, international arrivals terminal
So, I caught a bus at the airport and made into the Keio Hachioji Bus Station where I waited outside a Family Mart and across from a McDonalds (You can see part of the Mcdonalds on the right side). Find out about McDonald's free wifi and free internet connection tips in Japan.
Carrie took me back to their home that night. I didn't think I was too tired, but apparently, I was because the next morning I slept in till noon. So we got a late start on the day but still made time to visit the local park, Ryounan Kouen and have a ohanami, picnic, below the cherry blossoms. The sun tends to get up earlier over here. Later in the trip, I missed the sunrise even when I woke up at 4 am.
walking through Ryounan Kouen near Keio Hachioji in spring
 There were several cute young boys searching for tadpoles in the little pond. But this boy, in particular, had on his winter coat and no pants or shoes, just a diaper. So cute!
Japanese boy searching for tadpoles in spring



tadpole pond in Ryounan Kouen near Keio Hachioji in spring
 Here's Tomokun among the tulips.
tulips in spring in Japanese park


entrance to Ryounan Kouen Park near Hachioji


Japanese Park Sidewalk in Spring


tadpole searching in Ryounan Kouen Park in Japan in spring


So many pretty sakura, cherry blossoms, still left. I'm so blessed!
sakura cherry blossom tree in Ryounan Kouen Park in Japan in spring


mom and child walking stone path in tadpole pond in Japan


fallen sakura petals in Japanese park trail


early blooming trees in spring in Japan


Carrie and Tomokun saying Hi in traditional, peace sign, style.
Japanese boy showing peace sign on Mother's lap


Tomokun is so cute and still acting shy while I'm still a new person hanging around. I'm sure he'll warm up to me, I hope :) He's already taught me all sorts of new words like saru (monkey), otamajakushi (tadpole), and totemo abunaidesu (it is very dangerous).
P.S. (5 years later) Everything I wish I would've known on this trip and since then on my annual treks to Japan, I have collected, organized, and shared in my online course called Japan Travel Genius. Check it out here!