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"Silent Era" Swimsuit Launch starts Today, March 7, 2012

So my cousin T. has designed her own swimsuit line called Silent Era. They are amazing and she's such a talented designer you should be sure to check them out at the website here. But I've included some pics here just to wet you appetite. Get ready, there's a surprise coming up in the third paragraph!

She wrote a post much more interesting than mine for the marketer's website (Shabby Apple) discussing her inspirations and more goodies. You can read that one here.

I not only want to recommend her modest and classy suits, I want to give you 15%. Anyone who goes through the link below can get the discount. Since the designs are just so great I know many of my friends and family will want to buy them. So save some money while you support T. This is her first line to be mass produced and marketed so check them out.

Find your classy suit by T. and get 15% off here:

The pics below are from their website so the resolution is not as good but you can still get a good idea.
Make sure to get your 15% off by going through this link
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