On a Sunday...

...this is what I like to do.

  1. read- first, the bible then who knows
  2. go to church for conviction, fellowship, and plain old accountability
  3. be in the sun or rain, maybe next to a window for the latter
  4. play with little kids (or my favorite niece)
  5. take a nap
  6. make something out of nothing - after a busy week, doing something fun is really...fun
Today, i was so blessed by getting to experience 5 of the above. Put checkmarks next to 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6.
I did go to our church in Denver in the morning but couldn't stay all day. So in my extra time in the afternoon I listened to a sermon by Seth Gerber, Magdalena, MX. To learn more about our churchs' ultra cool AC sermon app, check out my post.
As I laid in the nice warm sun, I listened and here are the thoughts I gathered.
  • Read the Bible with your heart not your mind. If you read with your mind, it is so easy to become cold. This really struck me, because I really notice that "cold" tendency in me. I am a researcher by nature so it usually seems enjoyable to me to read with my mind. 
  • A good test to see if you're reading with you mind or heart is to voice your thoughts as your reading. Let's say you open up to a common passage, I Corinthians 13. Your first thought is that you've read this a million times; there's nothing new. You haven't even read anything yet, but once you do there will be no inspiring thoughts because the attitude behind it is wrong. I remember my mom telling me that the Bible is a the living word of God. Living because as we change through our lives, God will continue using his consistent words to teach us new, exciting and inspiring truths along the way.
  • And Jeremiah, in 40 years of preaching the exact same message 2 people listened to what he taught. God gave him a message and he taught it without doubt or delay or fruitfulness. That terms could also be said as success in human eyes. 40 years. And we think it's bad if our blog or etsy shop has 5 or less views/purchases a month. Nowadays, we are taught to severely critique if the fruits aren't there-in our relationships, in our homes, in our churches even. But I love how Jeremiah was told plainly what to do, and he did it. Seems so easy until you read the 40 years stat or the success of 2 responses in that time or even how he died without ever seeing fruition. 
So in short:
  1. Read the Bible with your mind
  2. Don't just read #1 and say "of course i am", Test yourself
  3. Do what you've been inspired to do/be/say/act despite all responses or lack therof