My Pumpkin Pancakes

It was the strangest of days when I woke up at 6:30 am without an alarm clock or anything. And working the night shift that is a difficult feat even with an alarm clock. So to start my day off nicely and start using up pumpkin I've had sitting in the pantry for weeks, I decided to make some pumpkin pancakes. As much as I love Jack Johnson, banana pancakes were awfully tempting. And then, as a taste of home, I smeared some apple butter I made at home with my mom before I left. They were quite scrumptious, pretty healthy, and a nice accompaniment to a hot cup of cocoa, some scripture reading, meditation, and prayer. In Colorado where the sun comes out almost every day, it was of course beautiful.
After I threw these pancakes of the plate, I noticed the face. It made me think of the porridge scene in Mulan. Here it is :)
Anyways, back to the pancake flipping. I'm not that awesome of a flipper so they were a little dishevelled, but still supremely tasty.


Got a little messy there on the bottom left, oh well!


The yummy batter with plenty of pumpkin filling. No sugar even, just mostly applesauce and a little agave nectar. It does need egg whites so I don't recommend eating the batter like I know a couple of you enjoy :) Sorry.
Here's the recipe if you're interested: (I did some exchanging but anything similar will be good)




And since the recipe only called for egg whites, I threw the yolks on the already hot skillet, broke up one asparagus, and topped with a little of my current favorite, Dunbarton Blue Cheddar. Mmmm, it was so tasty and I probably would never have created this without the pancakes. Thank you, pancakes.


But, on a serious note, I am so thankful to the one true God who has given the means to pursue recipes and create dishes. It is such a pleasure, and my goal is that it may glorify him through the beauty and brilliancy of all He creates. Cooking to me is inspiring and such a joy. I am so thankful He has given me the time and means and may it somehow show His love in return.


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