Denver's Horse Expo

Today M., my hostess, invited me to the Horse Expo in Denver, CO. Her mom had put together a boost and in true familial fashion, everyone was there to cheer her on. Despite the small crowd and less than desirable turnout, her family was the epitome of an encouraging family. I had never been to a horse expo before and if you haven't either, check it out below.
Of course, John Deere is "the tractor" of all tractors. Or so I'm told.

The inside of a horse trailer. Yes, a trailer horses. This just seems ridiculous: carpet, vinyl paneling, and even color coordinated. In the human section up front, there's a nice bathroom with shower, decently full kitchen, couch, and bed. What a life.

One of the classic booths: a lot of leather, horse accessories, and little extras everywhere.

Several little guys were penned up for those hands-on learners.

But don't get too close.

This was something I would never have guess at a horse expo. But I guess for all those times you need to quickly get your horse from across the country or search for it lost in the plains, it might be useful.

Live artists were showcasing their work traditional or modern. This is definitely the latter. My favorite is the one on the ground at the top of the pic.