Cheese Tasting

I've been to several wineries for wine tastings and even participated in olive oil tastings. It was such a cool experience going to a cheese tasting. So I'll back up and fill you in. A couple weeks back I walked past a shop named Cured. Having a gourmet coffee shop on one side I was forced to check it out. It had all the special meats, cheeses, breads, wines, and even saffron. But the coolest part about all of it was how it lended notary to the locals as their only vendors. Finding the off the road farm with its signature cheese was their staple. So I signed up for their newsletter, as a means of being involved since most of the items were beyond my wallet. As I usually cook for myself it didn't seem worth it without having a special occasion. In their next newsletter Will and Coral wrote about their list of classes for the upcoming month. Now, hold the phone, I have been craving to go to something like this. This meaning- a fun class in my spare time where I learn something about something I enjoy. With a nurses schedule where it seems near impossible to go to a routine class since the weekly schedule always changes, this was so welcome. So I'm not a turophile, cheese lover. But it was a great opportunity. Back to the class. It had an outline and everything. Our teacher was Coral who started this shop with her husband last August. They had come from Spain where they spent several years, Will pursuing his professional biking career and Coral loving and engrossing herself into the culture. We were taken to a table with a plate of six cheeses, glass of water, and glass of champagne. Apparently champagne pairs extremely well with almost all cheeses. And I must admit, it cleared the palate well. After a little sip, I was ready to explore the next cheese. Here's the steps when tasting a cheese: look, feel, smell, and taste.

Here's my plate and the types of cheese: clockwise from top
(sorry for the non specific terms; they aren't professional/just my opinion)
-Toma (12 o'clock) uncooked, pressed / reminded me of simple italian snack cheeses
-DeLice deBourgone (2 o'clock) bloomy rind(soft ripened) / creamy interior similar to a brie
-Appenzeler (3 o'clock) washed rind / like a smoked swiss cheese
-Hudson Red (5 o'clock) washed rind / like a fresh swiss cheese
-Rupert (7 o'clock) cooked pressed / hard like a parmesan, lasting flavor, a little salty
- Two Face Blue (9 o'clock) blue cheese / soft with a sour kick but very creamy, similar to feta
-Ricotta (10 o'clock) fresh cheese / light and fresh with a mousse like texture
and a baguette at 11 o'clock

And then like every great store, for attending class they handed me a 10% off entire purchase coupon. I used it to buy a cheese highly suggested by the owner, Dunbarton Blue Cheddar. Wow, if you ever get a chance to try a blue cheddar, take it! It has a tiny kick of the blue cheese but ultra creamy and sweet like a dessert cheese. It even has the pretty blue veining of the blue cheeses.


Anyway, It was very interesting and I'd completely recommend it to anyone in the area. Hope you enjoyed seeing the cheeses. And I hope you get a chance to try a blue cheddar sometime in your life :)