Spa of the Rockies

What a time is this? Around valentine's day, my birthday, and now the perfect time to visit the spa with one of my favorite cousins. We visited Glenwood Springs, CO Spa of the Rockies for a relaxing time of massages, facials, and dipping into their famous, soothing hot springs. The original sulfur smell mixed with the horizon of snow capped peaks made this a trip I wouldn't soon forget. Not to mention T. learned how to snowshoe. She is the adventurous one, choosing her first outing to be hiking up a frozen waterfall. We had a lot of fun exploring all over Colorado.

The waterfall Taye and I attempted to snowshoe

Me and my snowshoes soon after a little tumble

Climbing the waterfall in snowshoes

A boutique that reminded me of my niece in Boulder, CO on the funky Pearl Street

A cup of coffee to precede our fun activities at Stella's on Pearl Street, Denver, CO

A random ice glacier we found while driving, next to the road in Red Stone, CO

T. taking pictures of the landscape in the freezing cold. (I stayed in the car :) )

I saw this from a distance and had to figure out what it was. So after multiple driving attempts we found it and realized it is an arts center for the local kids. What a cool building!

I think it might be called a yurt...maybe.

A vintage boutique in Glenwood Springs, CO

Our road back took us up and over a mountain. When we got to the top we took some pics then noticed some snowboarders pull of the road in front of us. They snapped on the boards and slid down the mountain. They were right next to us. Now they're going crazy speeds down a scary looking slope. Gorgeous but too steep for me. Take a look, what do you think?

Once we got back to my home in Greeley (actually, Evans) was a friendly face with a naked body holding a balloon. Who wouldn't smile with that trio of features?