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The Real One Green Bicycle, Live, and in Action...well almost

On my first bike ride with my one green bicycle and it was such a beautiful ride. It doesn't really look green even in real life. When I first found it on craigslist I was going by someone else's perspective or the manufacturer's title. But if you look really close in the sun, the color does have a hunter green cast. And it's my first folding bicycle, a Dahon to be precise. You can see the differences in several of these pictures I've included. I even added one to show how it looks all folded up before I throw it into a carrying case. Thanks Jennifer from Loveland who showed it to me! And another thanks to my friend at home who let me test drive his Dahon so I could get the knack of a folding bike before I collected it.

Close to my home I found a pretty popular and long trail called The Poudre Trail. It extends through several towns, winds along rivers, and climbs through valleys and dog parks. What a fun ride! So I thought I'd share part of it with you. Hope you enjoy the video and pictures!

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