Deep and Wide, Deep and Wide...

...There's a fountain flowing deep and wide.

Well that was certainly the case when I got home from the mountains yesterday. Not quite a fountain, just a shower pipe. When I walked downstairs I found 1/2 my bedroom flooded with half an inch of water. I don't have much stuff so what I did have wasn't a problem to get out of the water to dry. But my gracious hosts had been putting together a proper bedroom for me in the last week; and the wood was just laid and put together.
So I hear the sound of running water as I'm trying to step on the sides of the walls to get around the room without stepping in the water. I see the newly set shower drain pumping out water. What do I do? Well, those of you that know me, also know how much I'm not well versed in construction or hands on stuff. Anyway, I quickly think, "What would I do at home?" The only thing I could think to do was turn off the water behind the toilets since that was the only place water had ever overflowed on me before. So I ran upstairs and shut off both water "valves". When I went downstairs I also noticed a pipe near the shower with some levers parallel to the pipe. So I turned them perpendicular thinking that would stop something, maybe not water, but it would stop something. I called my host in the mean time as well. He didn't pick up so I left a message and sent him a text as well. At this point I heard the water stopping, so I hoped I had done at least one thing right. It felt so awkward for me to just sit there looking at the water. I didn't know what else to do. I was so helpless.
Brandon came home soon after. Apparently he called me but we don't have good reception so I never got the call. He called the plumber and checked out everything I did to make the water stop. Thankfully, he also didn't make me look like an idiot when I found one of the levers I turned off was for the gas. He just smiled, chuckled a little, and walked upstairs. He still had to go pick up their little girl. So while he was gone I started mopping. And mopping. And more mopping. It took until he got back I had finished 1/4 of the room, pathetic.
Anyway, we got it cleaned up and their researching the plumbing problems today. I'm so glad I'm staying with a family for this time and not on my own. I would've been so much more stressed trying to figure all this out by myself. I'm trying to learn what I can though, so I can be prepared for the times ahead.
Remember, yellow lever for water. And red lever for gas.

I'll send more pics as the room progresses through the remodeling phases. Hopefully with this being the only problem along the way.