Country chic

And she definitely pulled it off. At Caleb and Merce's wedding her theme carried through from the thumbprint guest book to the cedar slab centerpieces.
But a wedding goes so much farther than the color of tablecloths or pace down the aisle. Caleb and Merce's special day took the heart down to that next level. They are living testimonies that we all have unique stories with broken pasts. And by letting God put the pieces together again by renewing that most important relationship with him first, we can only then begin to love each other on a firm beginning. And what a blessing it is to see Him bring two hearts back together by a little child. And that sweet girl seemed to love her coloring corner today!
By thinking of a marriage from start to finish as how Christ loved the church, it makes me think much seriously in how it begins and eternal it is. The church won't leave Christ on a whim and as he promised, Christ will absolutely never leave us.

So thank you lord for giving us this eternal promise sweeter than any rose bouquet. And the bouquets were super adorable merce!
And thanks Caleb & merce for a beautiful weekend start to finish, inside to out.

Below are some pics from the weekend: M and A were such kind hosts introducing me to their new Eli. Here's some of him with the rest of the family.

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