Passion 2012

The first morning in Atlanta at the conference

May these days and masses of college and young working adults sole purpose be to glorify Jesus Christ. May they find their passion and unique perspective to shape their awesome path in Christ. Blessed be your name Jesus. Our reading was in Luke 8 this morning as we studied gods amazing love and for the woman in verse 43. She had been found unclean by a blood condition for twelve years. She was unfit to be with others and feared thinking she would cause them to be unclean as well. She had to risk the social standard she was held to. She risked making Jesus unclean. But thanks and praise to god, nothing is too bad or too much to bring down Christ. We can't mess him up or ruin him. It is a most blessed arrangement that the relationship is one of grace, where the darkest of sinners can be made pure white. What awesome love is this?