So last week I learned a lot at a conference. One of the biggest ideas that hit me was the idea of giving more credit to the creation than the creator. How so many times we talk about the names of great speakers, events, designers, etc. We can talk about top name artists, the favorite brand of the day, or even daily drama, but when the rubber meets the road when are we sharing the name of Christ and the story of salvation, the two most important topics. So at this conference we were challenged to mention the name of Christ more than any other name. To follow along with that idea, I decided to make this post about what I learned with no names. Obviously, several of you will know who or what I'm talking about. But this will be a challenge to me to focus on the name that's truly important, Jesus Christ.
Over the course of those several days, here are some of the topics that really got to me.

  • How to deal with interruptions- I never thought of some stories in the Bible interrupting others but there are several where, in the middle of a miracle story, Christ is interrupted by another person asking something completely new. And how did He deal with that? He gave them all the time in the world and usually met their physical need as well as their spiritual need. It was so convicting to compare that to how I often want to respond to those who interrupt my time studying, at work, or maybe just my 'me time' I like to keep to myself. 
    • Goal: Give every interruption uninterrupted attention for as long as they need, remembering God loves them and maybe wants to use me if I wasn't so busy.
  • How to react to people- One speaker mentioned a couple stories where he was attempting to share how God had been working in his life. The girls he was talking to didn't want to hear what he had to say so they continually blew him off and walked away. But, no, he didn't take that as a slam or frustrating. He just continued to follow them and speak of all the ways God is amazing and has affected his life. Another young man flat out told the speaker, "You don't do anything special. I could do what you do. All you do is read the Bible and say, 'Guys, we got to do this.'" This comment just made the speaker smile and respond, "Yes, that's exactly what I've been trying to say all along." 
    • Goal: To have an eternal perspective that no matter who I'm talking to, words and actions won't hurt me. That God can inspire me to manipulate those words and actions to glorify him in love.
  • How huge the current issue of slavery- Who would've guessed that there is still 27 million slaves today. And that is more than any other day in history. This number encompasses all forms including forced labor and sexual slavery among others. To learn more go here
Here are some more pictures I took throughout the conference.